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Green Design & Construction

Green Design

Building energy efficient homes is not only good for the environment but good for your pocketbook as well.  And what's even better, you can make a noticeable impact on both by doing a relatively small number of changes.  Well built homes with above average insulation and heat transfer properties, energy efficient appliances and heating/cooling systems can go a long way in lessening your carbon footprint and reducing the load required to heat and cool your house properly.  For those of you who are ready to take the plunge and really go green, there are myriad other features we can build into your house including geo-thermal heating, rain water capture systems, photovoltaic systems and many more.  And again, by taking a critical approach, we can help you sort through the list and identify those features that will be good investments for you based on your needs.


Energy Star™ Certified Homes

Building an Energy Star certified home can lower your utility bills by as much as 30%!




  • Third Party Verification
  • High Efficiency Heating/Cooling
  • Upgraded Insulation
  • Energy Efficient Appliances


We are a qualified Energy Star partner builder and most of the homes we build will earn the Energy Star designation.   All Energy Star homes undergo a thorough review, testing and certification process through a third party certified testing company.  These certifiers start working with us at the house design phase of the project and offer advice on optimal house placement, window sizing and even offer suggestions on things like roof overhang dimensions. Once the house is insulated, the certifier will visit the house to ensure the insulation is properly installed, the doors and windows are properly sealed, and address any air infiltration issues before sheetrock is installed. Once the home is complete, the certifier performs a full inspection of the home, the appliances, and heating/cooling system. A air pressure test is run on the house to check for any air leaks in the heating/cooling system and the windows and doors. Once passed, the house is Energy Star certified.


Green Home Builders of the Triangle (GHBT)

For some buyers, Energy Star standards are a good start, but they are interested in taking additional steps to lower the home's impact on the environment and further increase the energy efficiency of the home.  The GHBT promotes using building techniques and materials that produce homes which consume less energy and other resources, facilitate better indoor air quality, and provide a more durable product requiring less maintenance.  The GHBT uses a rating system to assign points to a home based on a number of variables.  Depending on how many green features are built into the home, the home earns either a bronze, silver, or gold certification.


System Built Homes

System built, commonly referred to as modular, home construction is enjoying a renaissance in the booming green building market.  This is because modular construction is inherently "green", eliminating up to 75% of on-site waste while reducing the time and transportation costs associated with conventional on-site construction.


Today's modular homes are often indistinguishable from their site built cousins. And all the interior features you would expect to find in a site built home are available too. The difference is cost savings due to economies of scale. Think of the way automobiles were built before the invention of the assembly line.  One off production is highly inefficient from both a material and labor perspective.  With the manufacturing process consolidated in a controlled environment and materials bought in bulk and installed in a systematic way, you can start to see how much more efficient that system can be for construction as well.  These efficiencies are passed on to you in the form of lower cost per square foot to build.  Additionally, since the homes arrive at the job site nearly 90% complete, the time to build is dramatically reduced.  In most cases we can have you in your custom designed modular home within 60 days of it being set on the foundation. 


I have personally been involved in nearly 50 modular home projects over the past few years and anticipate modular home construction to become a much more popular choice for today's buyer who is increasingly energy conscious and price sensitive.


Take a look at our Sample Plans to see a few of the many plans we can build for you.  Those plans denoted with a  Modular are modular designs.  Keep in mind we have close to 100 stock plans to choose from, and each can be highly customized to suite your needs.