We were senior citizen hurricane Katrina victims when we first met Jeff Grau. Were he a different type person, he could have taken advantage of our vulnerability, like so many are doing to the people of the Mississippi coast and New Orleans, but instead he was understanding, kind, patient and above all, honest! His integrity is so much above the average business person.

He built us a beautiful home within our budget, mostly via phone and internet, that we are proud of and are enjoying tremendously. He continues to be there for us when we need him. He has our highest recommendation. Thank you Jeff, for being such a huge part of our getting our lives back together again.

— Mr. and Mrs. Sampson

Our Philosophy

Trees To Keys Service

We are a small, local business, not a large corporation with multiple layers of management.  When you pick up the phone to call us, chances are good you will speak with Jeff Grau, the owner.  If you have a problem, it will be he who spearheads your issues to make sure you are taken care of. 

We put the quality of our work and the value of our hard earned reputation as a great company above all else. While profits are good, they are not the primary motive by which we work.  No matter what size project you are considering, we will treat you fairly. 

Here are a few of the questions you might have on your mind as you are considering your new home build or remodeling project.


Will I pay a fair and competitive price from my new home?

Normally when you contract with a builder you either enter into a “Fixed Price” contract or a “Cost Plus” agreement. Frankly, both have their potential drawbacks.

Under a Fixed Price agreement there is a natural incentive for the builder to deliver your project at the lowest possible cost, as what is left over after all costs have been tallied is profit. When striving for the least cost sometimes quality can suffer as a result.

Under a Cost Plus agreement, each time you add or upgrade features those features are encumbered with an additional fee that is paid to the builder. Under this arrangement it is possible that you will pay your builder fees in excess of the value provided simply due to the price of the features you selected for your home.  Additionally, in a Cost Plus agreement there is a tendency for builders to "under-bid" the estimated costs in order to win the job, knowing that the true cost of the project, and their subsequent margin, will be higher.

Partnership Pricing

We offer a alternative to these well established pricing methods; we call it Partnership Pricing. We believe it represents a better alternative for you, the customer, because it gives you the flexibility of a cost plus agreement with the peace of mind of a fixed price agreement.  How does it work?


  1. The first step is to work together to get as much information about the project as possible.  If it's a new home, we take into account the land on which the home will be built to accurately estimate site work costs and we discuss the interior and exterior of the house in detail.  If it's a remodeling project, we will also dive into as much detail as possible to be able to produce realistic costs.

  3. From these discussions, we produce a detailed Estimate which will include negotiated, fixed pricing for nearly every major component of the project (framing, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, painting, cabinetry, etc).  We will share these bids with you so you have the confidence of knowing with a high degree of accuracy how much the project will cost. Click to view a sample Estimate.

  5. Based on the size and scope of the project, we will add a fixed fee (overhead and profit) to the project cost.  The fixed fee is established at the outset. It will not change regardless of what options you choose for your project unless of course you add significantly to the original plans (i.e. add a pool in the back yard, decide to expand the size of the addition, etc.) If you do make additions to your plans along the way we will provide an amended Statement of Work that clearly details our additional work and responsibilities and your price.


With Partnership Pricing our mission is to deliver your new home or remodeling project the way you want. Our fixed fee is a function of the value and contribution we provide, ensuring you get exactly what you want.


Is the builder trustworthy? Can I depend on him to put my needs first?

When working with Grau Building Company you will be working with me, Jeff Grau. I have been in the construction industry for 10 years, and while I can suggest to you that I am worthy of your trust, it’s probably better that you hear from some of my clients.


Will my contract be straightforward and easy to understand?

We have created an easy to understand and clear-cut contract that establishes our responsibilities and yours. The terms of the agreement are appended with a Specifications Document, detailed Cost Estimate, and a Project Schedule. Everything that you need to have the confidence that the project has been accurately estimated with the correct features and the estimated project timeline has been communicated properly.


Will I be consulted along the way to ensure I am a part of key decisions and construction milestones?

One of my responsibilities as your builder and the person ultimately responsible for the quality and timely delivery of your new home is to provide you with weekly status reports (WSR). These status reports summarize what was accomplished over the past week, what will be accomplished in the upcoming week, our progress against the construction schedule, what issues we are tracking, and what action items are outstanding (yours and mine). We will review the WSR either over the phone or in person which ever works best for you.  Additionally, we will constantly be monitoring the project schedule so that we can be prepared for upcoming milestones and key decisions.  This helps to minimize wasted time due to product selections along the way.


Will my new home meet or exceed my expectations?

In a word, “YES”. Our agreement to work together will be unambiguous and concise. What you will pay will be clearly established and transparent. My only motivation is deliver you a quality project that you will be proud to call your own.